Remove Paint, Lacquer, Plastic, Rubber, Fibers, Oil From metals in louisiana

For Paint, Lacquer Plastics, Rubbers, Paints, Fibers, Oil Removal Services in Louisiana, nothing beats HTC Metals Incorporated. We’ll solve all your product cleaning problems in a snap. You can bet on that!  

We Remove Paint and RUST From:

  • Electric Panels
  • Faucets
  • Fenders
  • Grates
  • Car Body Panels and Frames
  • Electric Motor Windings

  • Metal Paint Arrestors
  • Metal Parts in General
  • Metal Toys
  • Paint Hooks, Racks, and Fixtures
  • Storage Shelving, Racks, and Cabinets

cleaning ability is almost limitless....just give us a call for your need

OTHER Services:

  • Cleaning Heat Exchangers
  • Radiator Repair / Recore / Replace / Rod Out
  • Charge Air Cooler Repair / Recore / Replace

  • A/C Condenser Repair / Replace
  • Heat Exchanger Repair / Recore / Replace
  • All Radiator, CAC, Oil Coolers Aluminum or Copper Brass

Find What You Need Here

Why waste time and money hopping from one place to another when you can find everything you need here? We are your one-stop shop for metal stripping and other heat transfer services so don’t hesitate to drop by anytime. Call us today at 318-628-3288 or 1-888-258-3488.