Thermal cleaning oven (Bake-off oven) In louisiana  

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For effective thermal cleaning and de-rusting, visit HTC Metals Inc. in Dodson, Louisiana. We work fast to remove paint and rust from any metal. This keeps your car, truck, and other items in great shape. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How big are the items that can fit in your thermal oven?

A: We have a huge oven that measures 8'x8'x18'. If placed at an angle, we can fit longer items in the oven!  

Q: What kinds of metal can be stripped?

A: We can adjust the temperature to accommodate various types of metal. This allows us to completely remove the material without harming the metal. We can burn steel, iron, and aluminum. For more questions, fill out the form below or dial 318-628-3288 or 1-888-258-3488.

Q: Will the heat damage the metal?


A: No, our oven was designed by Steelman. Steelman uses a patented process where the heat enters at the top of the oven and is controlled by sensors at the top and bottom of the oven. This allows for a uniform temperature throughout the oven. No portion of the metal will ever get hot enough to cause damage.  

Q: Does this process remove rust?

A: Yes! With the addition of our chemical/acid bath we can remove rust from items whether or not we use the oven. We can also add a rust inhibitor to delay rusting until you've had a chance to repaint the item.  

Q: What are some of the items that you can strip?


A: Paint and Powder: The hooks and racks, or fixtures, that carry parts through a coating line accumulate over-spray and lose the conductive surface that is required for a proper electrical ground. Loss of ground results in poor transfer efficiency, uneven coverage and the potential for arcing, which can cause a fire in the powder booth. The severity of these problems varies with the type of coating, the type and shape of the parts and the design of the fixtures. Cleaning fixtures on a regular basis is the solution.

A: Electric Motor Rewinding: Electric motor re-winders need to remove the insulating resin from copper windings and soften the copper wire so that it can be easily removed allowing the motors to be rebuilt.


A: Automotive Engine and Parts Rebuilding: Automotive engine re-builders are replacing chemical cleaning systems with thermal strippers to remove the oil and grease from blocks, heads and other components so they can be rebuilt. These ovens eliminate the disposal problems and the potential liability associated with chemicals. thermal strippers are also used for debonding brake shoes and stripping insulating resin from electric alternators.

A: Plastics Processing: Extrusion and injection molding equipment used in the production of plastic products can become covered with plastic. Traditional cleaning methods are chemical stripping or burning the unwanted plastic with a torch. Chemical stripping results in disposal cost and potential liabilities. Torching creates smoke, which can be harmful to the environment and to the employees doing the stripping. Thermal strippers do an excellent job of removing the plastic even in the small holes found in dies.

A: Diesel Particulate Filter: DPF's can be cleaned two differant ways. One is referred to as cleaning where the DPF is blowed out with air. The other method is regenerating which requires the DPF to be placed in a high-temp oven for a period of time. Our method is regeneration.

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This FAQ section was written to address some of the most common questions we receive regarding our services. If you have a question in mind that has not been answered within our website, please feel free to call us at 318-628-3288 or 1-888-258-3488 or fill out the form above. We will gladly provide more information about our company and the metal cleaning services we offer.