We opened our doors in Texas in 1973 as H & H Welding. While in Texas we fabricated structural beams and columns for public buildings as well as specialized welding of aluminum, bronze, cast iron, stainless and other metal types.  

 In 1980 we moved the business to Louisiana, changing the name to HTC Metals Fabrication.  From 1980, we operated part-time, until 1990 when we switched to full-time.  From 1990-1993 we started machining, repairing various items on skidders and other logging equipment as well as some radiators and charge air coolers (CAC).  In 1993 we incorporated as HTC Metals Inc. at which time we began specializing in radiators, CAC, oil coolers and condensers.  Currently we are expanding into thermal stripping, DPF regeneration and other areas of thermal cooling. With this expansion we are adding to the services that we can provide to our customers. 

   We are capable of pick up and delivery of what you need repaired and we provide you with the peace of mind knowing your part is covered with insurance from the time we pick it up until the time it's returned.  We have over 80 years of experience in welding and repairs.  Here at HTC our goal is to provide you with the best product repair and service that we can.

   For questions call us at the numbers to the left or email us and we will respond ASAP.



   For billing questions, call Rose at 318-628-3693 or 



Here are some of our customers:                                         

3C Coatings                                               Louisiana Machinery

Baton Rouge Truck Center                        Murphy Brothers    

Blueline Rentals                                         Nortran Inc

Burns Forestry Products                            Patrick-Miller Tractor Co

Cooper Truck Center                                 Peterbilt of McComb

Currys                                                        Progressive Waste

Delta Disposal                                            Renegade Drilling

Dodson Equipment                                    Scott Equipment Co

Dogget Machinery Services                       Sewell Drilling

Fed EX Freight                                           Six C Fabrication

Goldman Equipment                                  Steven Garr Logging

H & E Equipment                                        Arclin

House of Raeford Farms of La                   Timmons Truck Center

James Drilling                                             UTLX

JKM Logging                                               West Fraser

Littleton Truck Lines                                    Weyerhaeuser

Lott Oil                                                         Winn Collision Center

Select Motors                                              River City Rods & Customs

Wizard Racing                                             Briggs Equipment